What is a PhotoWalk


A PhotoWalk is a good way to do a photoshoot which will be made out of a lot of different locations. It is the best choice for people who are willing to get a lot of different and bright photos in one go. Also the photoWalk is good in terms of lighting and gives a lot of improvisation and reallu nice thing to spend some time.

Best Colours

During the PhotWalk there are a lot of colours can be seen around the city and they can be used to be as a background and make the image stand out.

The main point is that there are a lot of places around the city which are different and each place has a different colour pallet.

In terms of colour use the PhotoWalk is the best.

Best Lighting


The most important thing in every PhotoShoot is light. During the PhotoWalk only a natural lighting is being used in order to make pictures look as natural as possible.

Natural light can also be used in many different ways to create images and is a way more easy thing to use than studio equipment.


Best Locations


Working for a long time I can say for sure that there is no any studio in a world that will give you most beautiful locations.

During the PhotoWalk there are handreds of different places can be seen and interior that can be be used as a background.

This helps a lot to get a huge variety of different photos at the same time.